Sunday, November 29, 2015

#mosti - GIF(moving stickers)

Add twinkling crown, blooming flower and other sitckers on your photo.
You can express your emotion or weather by #mosti.
Bring out the liveliness to your photos.

* Simple and Easy to Use.
* Provides over 40 moving(motion) stickers.
* Customize the color, size and rotation of each sticker.
* You can create Video(mp4) and High Quality GIF Image.
* Supports both iPhone and iPad with iOS 8 or later and optimized for iPhone 6 or later.




1 day diary

Sensibilities Diary.

Can Trivial round of daily life include sesitivity.
Leave it more special everyday life.
Stimulates your sesibilities.

■ Supports a wide variety of categorized by TimeLine, Photo, Year.

■ Can be included as part of the diary in various forms such as Image, Audio, Video.

■ Can create a beautiful picture together multiple photos through a variety of layouts.

■ Apply a Passcode and Touch ID to keep them safe from others.

■ It tells the alarm to the time you want to write diary.



Monday, October 19, 2015

All Ready - Todo & checklist

Can easily register such preperations and to do and be seen by checking whether complete or not.
There is an alarm function, depending on the item, you can be prepared to suit the time of hope.
To provide widget functionality can be checked without running the app in the locked screen.


- Simple check
: Can easily check what items to prepare simply and to do.

- Endtime, Alerts
: Can register end time and support alerts.

- Search and import functionality
: With respect to the contents registered in the previous search and provides a copy function.

- Hide checked items
: If you have many checked items can hide the checked list.

- Speaking function
: There is a function to read the checked items.

- Widget function
: Without running the app can be easily checked in widget.ㅁㄲㅁ




Monday, October 12, 2015

GPS Walking and Step Tracking


Try iKelpieTracker with your trainer. You can use the iPhone's GPS can track your walking exercise. Path, distance, calories burned, pace, check the time!

Make every walk make amazing!
- GPS route mapping 
- Distance 
- Calorie counting
- Average pace
- Step count

Track in the background 
- During exercise, listening to music, getting a phone, you can use the other functions of the phone.

Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background could dramatically decrease battery life.



SKY 2048 (Brain Teasers)


2048 is the young and old anyone enjoy easy puzzle game.

[Game Method]
1. You will drag a block of numbers up, down, left, or right.
2. While the numbers block is moved, it will be merged into each other if you met the same number.
3. To make a larger number, the purpose is to make the 2048 block.
4. You can also continue to advance the game after generation 2048.

1. 4 themes support
2. In addition to the 3x3, 5x5 mode support of basic 4x4 mode
3. Through the Apple Game Center, we will share the whole world users and ranking.


Monday, August 24, 2015

Sky Widget : World Clock. Weather. Calendar. Calculator. Cellular Usage. Widgets


"Sky widget" is a mandatory App that can be 
directly confirmed features from the widget that you use frequently.

1. World Clock & Weather
 - Add by searching the selection or regional name a region from the map
 - Display the local time
 - Display the local weather
2. Calendar
3. Cellular Usage
 - Display of usage and the rest of the amount
 - All carriers support
 - Initial setup is required
4. Calculator
 - Simple widget calculator




Small Memory - Story-Time


The app allows you to help you remember things you want to remember in a way to make the questions and answers.
Story time can save the flow of the various forms of time jeonghaeseo your own topics.

Both iPhone and iPad and can be used to query the memory and story time flexibility.
They were simply elements you need to save the configuration as much as possible, through search and tagging capabilities
It has easy access to the entire data.

The target may be all you want to save.
Please cherish the memories and valuable information in a story of your own time.