Monday, August 24, 2015

Sky Widget : World Clock. Weather. Calendar. Calculator. Cellular Usage. Widgets


"Sky widget" is a mandatory App that can be 
directly confirmed features from the widget that you use frequently.

1. World Clock & Weather
 - Add by searching the selection or regional name a region from the map
 - Display the local time
 - Display the local weather
2. Calendar
3. Cellular Usage
 - Display of usage and the rest of the amount
 - All carriers support
 - Initial setup is required
4. Calculator
 - Simple widget calculator




Small Memory - Story-Time


The app allows you to help you remember things you want to remember in a way to make the questions and answers.
Story time can save the flow of the various forms of time jeonghaeseo your own topics.

Both iPhone and iPad and can be used to query the memory and story time flexibility.
They were simply elements you need to save the configuration as much as possible, through search and tagging capabilities
It has easy access to the entire data.

The target may be all you want to save.
Please cherish the memories and valuable information in a story of your own time.




Memo Talk - Recorder, Note, Photo, Video , Drawing, Location, Web Capture


You can easily create a memo to the chat.
Please try it a note of the new style text, voice, drawings, photo, videos , maps and web capture.
You will be able to write memo on all of the style you want.
The memo as hidden and password safe can do.

■ Photos & Videos
Using the camera or library you can add photos and videos to the memo.

■ Recording
 You can add a memo using the recording function.

■ Drawing 
It is possible to add a memo by using the canvas.

■ Map Capture 
It provides the capability to search for and capture map information directly within the app.

■ Web Capture 
You can take capture of web page , full screen or visible content.

■ Privacy 
Passcode and Touch ID support.
Choose a password as simple or complex as you like. 
You can setup 4digit numbers.

■Various Design
There are various theme style. 

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