Tuesday, May 26, 2015

All-In-One Point


All-In-One Point service that is easy to earn and use points and a coupon.

Store list acquired through the application, will be able to manage points and coupons that are currently held.
Acquired points and coupons, is available immediately in the store.
(Depending on the number of stamps store is set when the stamp of the shop, the coupon will be issued)

•Through the store QR code, earn points and coupons in the store.
•Acquired points and coupons, is available immediately in the store.
•You can check the store-specific point and coupon use history.

1.It scored in the store QR code
2.You can confirm the acquired points and coupons.
3.You can see the benefits and history of use of the points shop.
4.You can see the benefits and history of use of the stamp of the store.


All-In-One Point Shop


- Outline
: All-in-one point is a service that can be managed by me to win easy points and a coupon for a small Chamber of people.

- Features
1) Recognizes the QR code in the application, it will be able to win easily and quickly your points and coupons.
2) It offers a way to earn points acquisition method and the stamp.
3) By date the payment has been history, you can search by customer. (PayMoney, Point, Stamp, Coupon)
4) Through a point and the coupon acquisition, it will induce the customer re-visit.

- How to earn
* Point acquisition method
1) won, dollar, euro, Yen, Yuan, Pound Etc. It is possible to make the point earned in the six currency.
2) Cumulative rate supports up to one decimal place.
3) Acquisition relates to the use of the point in the case settlement amount to use the points I will except.
4) By providing a dedicated keypad when the score points, we can easily acquired.

* Stamp acquisition method
1) You can set the number of stamps.
2) When the stamp is all acquisition, coupon will be issued.
3) It is possible to provide benefits in accordance with the number when using the coupon by providing a coupon benefit information.

- How to use
Member registration (Shop App) -> Login (Shop App) -> QR Code Recognition (Customer App) -> Earn after automatically switches to the acquisition screen (Shop App) -> Check to acquire information (Customer App)

※ But it can also be used to recognize immediately the QR code in a store app, After you print to capture the Home screen or QR code, you can use at the store.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Chat thru Pick Out Pictures


No Log-in, No Membership registration. Just install and run. You can find the people who has same favorite things with you.

Run the app and wait a moment, you can proceed to pick out pictures game.
Through the pick out pictures game to make sure the taste of each other.

If you pick out same sports, same food, same season with mystery person, will be able to chat.
* Chat only enable when pass the game - To meet the doppelganger is not easy:) *

You can go in more detail with each other via a conversation with an unknown opponent.
You can send and receive pictures and unknown opponent.

Member registration is not required.
Login is not required.
It does not remain the contents of the conversation.
Did you like your doppelganger? If you want to meet again, exchange contact thru the chatting. (Be careful exchange contact. Do It! really! really! like your doppelganger)

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Screenshots | iPad

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

iKelpie - Beacon


- Finds nearby Beacons.
- It is a Bluetooth-enabled app that can detect each other by connencting app(iKelpie) and Beacon.

Features :
- When you register a beacon to the app, and then display all identifiers of each iBeacon discorverd
- Detects the distance of each other. If distance moved away, ringing alarm in the app, it will notify the user.
- Push Notification & Local Notification
- Software Virtual iBeacon
- iBeacon Vendors List

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Small Promise - Daily Practice Companion


It is an application that helps to be able to run the day to day by registering an appointment with yourself.
By registering a simple promise to protect the easy to set short a relatively period, and try to fix of practice to learn their habits.

- Features
Used to provide a simple UI is useful.
In the Summary screen, you can see at a glance the progress of the plans that have been registered.
Registration and change of promise, it will be able to intuitively registered using the calendar an easy and practice record and delete.
During practice record registration, so that it can be the next practice, automatically notification is sent.
Automatically encouragement of notification will be sent if put in 90%.
Registered promise, when it comes to 100%, it will be transferred automatically to the Hall of Fame.
Promise that has been transferred to the Hall of Fame is, until you delete the app, will remain in their records.

Please look forward to helped grow their own will in a very simple and intuitive “Small Promise”.

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SKY Tools


Of sky Tools is an app that combines a tool that is useful to use in everyday life.

Important function

[Tool] ruler, compass, level, noise meter, calculator.
Ruler to measure the length of a variety of things.
Compass direction is divided from anywhere.
Level to be taken in the horizontal.
Noise meter noise can be measured in the current location.
Calculator that can calculate complex formulas and Yes have available.

[Watch] stopwatch \ timer
LAP Time is Hakareru stopwatch.
Timer to be notified when you specified time has elapsed and, is available.

[Life tool] flashlight \ mirror \ QR CODE Reader
Or brightens the dark, flashlight with flashing function can be confirmed even distant place.
Make sure your face, and expansion can mirror.
Check the various QR CODE, moved or result value in the URL QR CODE Reader that can COPY you Yes vailable.

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