Monday, October 19, 2015

All Ready - Todo & checklist

Can easily register such preperations and to do and be seen by checking whether complete or not.
There is an alarm function, depending on the item, you can be prepared to suit the time of hope.
To provide widget functionality can be checked without running the app in the locked screen.


- Simple check
: Can easily check what items to prepare simply and to do.

- Endtime, Alerts
: Can register end time and support alerts.

- Search and import functionality
: With respect to the contents registered in the previous search and provides a copy function.

- Hide checked items
: If you have many checked items can hide the checked list.

- Speaking function
: There is a function to read the checked items.

- Widget function
: Without running the app can be easily checked in widget.ㅁㄲㅁ




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  1. Thank you for this app. It is so useful for me, I use it on iPad and iPhone but there is no one thing which is very important is iCloud sync.