Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Small Promise - Daily Practice Companion


It is an application that helps to be able to run the day to day by registering an appointment with yourself.
By registering a simple promise to protect the easy to set short a relatively period, and try to fix of practice to learn their habits.

- Features
Used to provide a simple UI is useful.
In the Summary screen, you can see at a glance the progress of the plans that have been registered.
Registration and change of promise, it will be able to intuitively registered using the calendar an easy and practice record and delete.
During practice record registration, so that it can be the next practice, automatically notification is sent.
Automatically encouragement of notification will be sent if put in 90%.
Registered promise, when it comes to 100%, it will be transferred automatically to the Hall of Fame.
Promise that has been transferred to the Hall of Fame is, until you delete the app, will remain in their records.

Please look forward to helped grow their own will in a very simple and intuitive “Small Promise”.

Screenshot | iPhone

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