Tuesday, May 12, 2015

SKY Tools


Of sky Tools is an app that combines a tool that is useful to use in everyday life.

Important function

[Tool] ruler, compass, level, noise meter, calculator.
Ruler to measure the length of a variety of things.
Compass direction is divided from anywhere.
Level to be taken in the horizontal.
Noise meter noise can be measured in the current location.
Calculator that can calculate complex formulas and Yes have available.

[Watch] stopwatch \ timer
LAP Time is Hakareru stopwatch.
Timer to be notified when you specified time has elapsed and, is available.

[Life tool] flashlight \ mirror \ QR CODE Reader
Or brightens the dark, flashlight with flashing function can be confirmed even distant place.
Make sure your face, and expansion can mirror.
Check the various QR CODE, moved or result value in the URL QR CODE Reader that can COPY you Yes vailable.

Screenshots | iPhone

Screenshots | iPad

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