Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Chat thru Pick Out Pictures


No Log-in, No Membership registration. Just install and run. You can find the people who has same favorite things with you.

Run the app and wait a moment, you can proceed to pick out pictures game.
Through the pick out pictures game to make sure the taste of each other.

If you pick out same sports, same food, same season with mystery person, will be able to chat.
* Chat only enable when pass the game - To meet the doppelganger is not easy:) *

You can go in more detail with each other via a conversation with an unknown opponent.
You can send and receive pictures and unknown opponent.

Member registration is not required.
Login is not required.
It does not remain the contents of the conversation.
Did you like your doppelganger? If you want to meet again, exchange contact thru the chatting. (Be careful exchange contact. Do It! really! really! like your doppelganger)

Screenshots | iPhone

Screenshots | iPad

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