Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Alarm King - Alarm Clock


Alarm King application is simple, easy to use.
Try this special new alarm.


* Alarm 
  1) Repeat settings on weekdays
  2) You can set up various alarm types. Sound, vibration, flash, etc. 
  3) You can turn it off by shaking the phone.
  4) To turn it off, you have to click once or shake the phone or take a photo of your own face.
  5) And it provides a variety of alarm sounds

* Alarm off method
  1) Push the screen
  2) Shake the phone
  3) Take a face photo

* Gallery
  1) Photos will be taken and saved in the Gallery.
  2) You can share your photo to any SNS.

* Settings
  1) You can change the background color to the color of your choice through the setting of the skin.
  2) You can delete the ad through the payment.


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