Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sky Sound : White Noise for meditaion


Do you have heard the 'white noise'?
Why you can often study in a cafe better than a house?
Concentrated in noisy spaces better, the key to explain this behavior,
It is just 'white noise'.

Strengthening of concentration, stress
Improvement of the business productivity and intellectual ability
And induce a deep sleep

A combination of some of the nature of the sound, you can create a different atmosphere.
  - Camping on a rainy day
  - Of wind forest, birdsong
  - Beach sound of thunder can be heard
  - Cafe sound of rain can be heard

Each sound can be adjusted individually volume.
It is recommended to be used at bedtime in the timer function.

such as the sound of sound and waterfalls that water flows fall is "natural sound"
Increase the company employee productivity, research results that enhance the intellectual capacity came out.
The research team, as a result of the check and complete the degree and efficiency of business, participants heard the sounds of nature
Business maturity and efficiency score it was found to be the highest.
That the mind to listen to the valley of the sound of water becomes quiet, it is the difference
It is in any way which proved that it is not just feeling.


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