Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rubik’s Cube Master


Master the Rubik's Cube. Practice cases from beginner to advanced, you can directly look at the step-by-step rotation of a 3D cube for each case. You can be practiced through a virtual 3D cube without an actual cube. Through the practice mode and timer each case by improving their skills to challenge the speed cubing.

- Features
* App provides a challenging random cube case at first launched.
* Provides from beginners to advanced cases (F2L, PLL, OLL).
* Each case provide 3D cube play and rewind capabilities.
* Each case records measurement capabilities.
* Available through each of the case practice by the 3D virtual cube.

- Interfaces
* Rotate the whole cube by dragging the virtual cube.
* Initialize the angle of rotation by double tap the virtual cube.
* Shake the device to initialize the virtual cube set.
* Speed ​​control provides for a virtual cube rotation.
* Can Operate virtual cube using the Cube notation.


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